Need help deciding which DiSC profile to use? There are two basic decisions: (1) paper vs. online DiSC and (2) DiSC Classic vs. Everything DiSC. Also, if you use online DiSC profiles, do you want your own EPIC account, or shall we send out the profiles for you? 

Everything DiSC vs. DiSC Classic?

Everything DiSC is the next-generation, cutting-edge family of DiSC assessment; quite simply, it is the gold standard of DiSC testing. There are a few different Everything DiSC profiles tailored to different people: general workplace use, sales professionals, managers, and leaders. However, every assessment in the Everything DiSC lineup shares the following:

  • online delivery
  • extraordinary precision, due to an intelligent scoring algorithm that learns from the tester's responses
  • intuitive, circular model to depict one's DiSC style
  • a variety of supplementary reports that provide feedback at the group level or one-on-one level
  • available in English, Spanish, German, and Danish, with additional languages on the way

DiSC Classic, on the other hand, is the original version of the DiSC profile. First developed in the 1970s, it has developed a fiercely loyal following and remains quite popular. The DiSC Classic profile offers:

Classic DiSC test graph.jpg
  • online and paper formats
  • a linear graph that depicts one's DiSC style
  • available in 30+ different DiSC translations




To EPIC or not to EPIC?

EPIC is an online platform for administering DiSC profiles. With your own EPIC account, you can send out DiSC profiles, generate reports at your convenience, control whether respondents see their DiSC reports, re-send access codes that disappeared into a spam filter, and customize your DiSC messaging. In addition, customers who use EPIC receive preferential pricing. 


In other words, EPIC is a useful administrative tool for organizations that use DiSC frequently. However, EPIC is absolutely not required to run a DiSC training program. You can use any and every DiSC assessment without an EPIC account; similarly, you can lead a highly successful DiSC training workshop without EPIC.

See our DiSC EPIC page for additional details.