About EPIC

What is EPIC?

EPIC is a useful administrative tool for managing your DiSC profiles. With your own EPIC account, you can send out profiles, generate reports at your convenience, control whether respondents see their reports, re-send access codes, and customize your messaging.

Must I use EPIC?

Nope! You can use any of our DiSC assessments without having an EPIC account. Similarly, you can lead a highly successful DiSC training program without EPIC.

Why should I use EPIC? 

1) EPIC saves you time and money.

  • Send DiSC profiles and run DiSC reports instantly and at your convenience.
  • Avoid shipping costs. 

2) EPIC gives you more control. 

  • Generate free, unlimited comparison reports between any two individuals.
  • Create customized group reports for any team or department.
  • Assign access codes, monitor participation, send reminders, and control whether participants can see their results.
  • Customize DiSC reports with your company logo and contact information.
  • Access our complete library of 50+ DiSC and non-DiSC assessments, spanning 15+ different training programs.

 How does EPIC work?

It's very easy! Just add some EPIC credits to your account, and you can start sending out DiSC assessments and creating reports.  

Want to explore EPIC? Log in to our demo account:

  • Username: epicaccount
  • Password: Epic1234!