Everything DiSC Management Facilitation Kit

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Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit Box Hi Res Web.png

Everything DiSC Management Facilitation Kit


The Everything DiSC Management Facilitation Kit provides a trainer all the tools and information needed to be confident in conducting their customized Everything DiSC Management training workshop for team building, communication, conflict resolution, management training, supervisor training, and professional development.


  • Leader's Guide and Script
  • PowerPoint slides with embedded videos
  • Participants handouts in MS Word
  • Templates and Images
  • Sample Everything DiSC Management Profiles
  • Sample Everything DiSC Management Interaction Map
  • Research documentation
  • 25 Everything DiSC Management Guides

Everything DiSC® Management Modules

  • Module 1: Understand your DiSC Management style. Participants learn the different DiSC Management styles and priorities.
  • Module 2:  Participants learn the different DiSC behavioral styles, and how to adapt their styles when directing and delegating
  • Module 3: Managers learn to adapt to the different DiSC styles to build a motivating environment
  • Module 4: Managers learn to develop others based on their DiSC strengths and weaknesses creating long-term professional development
  • Module 5: Participants gain knowledge on working with their managers to improve their communication based on DiSC needs and preferences.

Everything DiSC® Management Facilitation Kit is designed to be used with Everything DiSC Management Profile, Everything DiSC Management Interaction Guides, and QuikDiSC Cards.

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