DiSC® Classic Facilitation Kit

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disc-classic-facilitation-kit (2).png

DiSC® Classic Facilitation Kit


The DiSC Classic Facilitation System provides a trainer all the tools and information needed to be confident in conducting their custom-designed DiSC Classic training workshop for team building, communication, conflict resolution, management training, sales, and professional development.

DiSC® Classic Facilitation Kit Includes:

  • Introduction: Gives trainer DiSC Classic content and how to administer the DiSC Classic profiles
  • Theory: Provides all DiSC research, DiSC theory, history of DiSC, and current practices of DiSC.
  • Resource Section: DiSC Resource Grid overview every DiSC Classic tool and DiSC profile.
  • Classic Course Outlines: Communications, Conflict, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Management, Sales, and Team Building
  • Insight Modules: Multiple DiSC training modules that can customized to the trainers training goals. 
  • Resources: Over 100 customizable DiSC PowerPoint Slides, handouts, and samples of DiSC profiles and reports
  • Classic Videos: Organized in 4 sections-Pure Styles, The Meeting, Effective Communication, and Natural Styles

DiSC® Classic Facilitation Kit is designed to be used with DiSC Classic 2.0 online or paper and QuikDiSC Cards.

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