Everything DiSC Group & Facilitator Reports

What are Group and Facilitator Reports?

DiSC Facilitator Reports and DiSC Group Reports are valuable, follow-on reports that illustrate the behavioral style of your entire team. These reports, available through your EPIC account, provide group-level guidance and feedback on the overall team culture.

Both the Group Report and the Facilitator Report include an Everything DiSC map, showing the team DiSC styles (both primary and secondary) at a glance. This map also comes as a poster-size display for use as a visual display during your team's DiSC training.

What's the difference between a Group Report and a Facilitator Report?

The reports contain exactly the same information, analysis, and feedback; the difference is anonymity. The Group Report does not display the team members' names, whereas the Facilitator Report does display participants' names. Depending on the specific goals of the DiSC training, the trainer may or may not want to identify individuals by name, so the Group Report and Facilitator Report provide this flexibility.

Facilitator Report
Displays the team members names

$113.75 | 25 EC

Group Report
Does not display team members names.


$113.75 | 25 EC