Everything DiSC tests are based on a circumplex depiction.

Everything DiSC assessments refers to a new suite of workplace learning programs. These new products are a completely overhaul and a major improvement over older DiSC tests.

Everything DiSC includes several group reports, which display the personality styles of everybody in a department. The makes it easy to discuss behavior of the overall team. Alternatively, the facilitator could create one-on-one reports between any two members of the team - for instance specific advice (1) for John to work more effectively with Larry and also (2) for Larry on working more constructively with John.  

Next, these new online DiSC tests are enhanced through a new, round model of DiSC styles. It may seem like a minor difference, but the new graphs are far easier to comprehend than the original bar charts. As a result, workshop participants are much more likely to understand and apply their new DiSC knowledge.

And lastly, Everything DiSC tests use an advanced, self-learning algorithm which changes the questions to match the test-taker's responses. In short, this is an extremely powerful testing procedure, leading to much stronger and more robust results.

The Everything DiSC suite of products includes 5 programs: