Everything DiSC profiles represent the latest, greatest generation of DiSC profiles. These are cutting-edge, highly sophisticated instruments for workplace learning. They feature adaptive testing, which is a clever scoring mechanism by which the profile actually learns from the respondent's answers and adapts its questions accordingly. As a result, Everything DiSC profiles are highly precise - and in fact, more accurate than older DiSC profiles.

Everything DiSC also includes several options for team reporting and analysis, which is another major feature that was previously unavailable. When everybody on a team takes any profile, you can use EPIC to create a facilitator report. This depicts everybody's DiSC styles on a single chart, for team-specific guidance on how the overall style affects the group's performance.

Finally, the Everything DiSC family uses a circular (or "circumplex") DiSC model, which is far more elegant and intuitive than the bar charts used in older generations of DiSC profiles.  

There are five profiles in the Everything DiSC family, with several new additions currently under development. The five existing programs are: Workplace, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders and 363 for Leaders.


The Everything DiSC profile uses an intuitive, easy-to-interpret circular model.