Using the Everything DiSC Facilitation System to Create Multiple Solutions Within an Organization

A client initially believed that the Everything DiSC Facilitation System was incomplete.  This was because the organization’s leaders simply couldn’t believe that one system contained so much information, and they suspected that the title Everything DiSC was misleading.

The Everything DiSC Facilitation System, however, addressed all the issues that the client was most interested in, including such vital concepts as team cohesion, interpersonal communication, and management effectiveness.  The Everything DiSC Facilitation System saved the organization time because whole new curriculums did not have to be created for each DiSC concept.

Everything DiSC was adapted for new issues and fresh goals.  The client also found enormous benefits to giving all internal trainers a common language and similar basis for teaching.  The Everything DiSC Facilitation System gave the company consistency, even in different locations so they didn’t have to keep reinvesting in new systems or reinventing their world.

With the purchase of the Everything DiSC Facilitation System, the internal trainers were especially pleased with its ready-to-go-nature.  In addition, the DiSC trainers were thrilled that they had the ability to change aspects of the system without seeing the whole structure fall apart.  They learned that as issues surface, they could adapt their methods and their focus.

Everything DiSC gave the client the ability to offer DiSC solutions to multiple locations within the same organization. 

Everything DiSC has provided solutions for all the organization’s needs, and the company is very pleased with how the Everything DiSC Facilitation System has simplified their DiSC training process.

Everything DiSC Facilitation System Case Study from Inscape Publishing