Tapping Into The Everything DiSC Facilitation System to Deliver Powerful Sales Training – With Just Three Days to Prepare

Time is a valuable asset for everyone, but it often feels more like an enemy when it is running out on us. 

A trainer from a large company had to have a finished sales training course to present on Monday morning, and it was Friday. 

The turn around time was, to say the least, brief.  The first step was to tap into the Everything DiSC Facilitation System. The Everything DiSC Facilitation System allows you to be up and running in a hurry. 

The Everything DiSC Facilitation System’s Insights Modules have the flexibility to combine and arrange the Modules into a coherent DiSC curriculum.

What the company created from the kit was a DiSC sales training course that addressed the needs of their participants. In fact the trainer devised the basic structure of the course on the same day she was introduced to DiSC.

The company was so impressed with the system, to the point that Everything DiSC will now be the basis for many of the company’s future sales, customer service, and leadership courses.

The goal for additional DiSC courses is for new participants to immerse themselves in DiSC’s insights to build increased effectiveness. However, the organization has another goal, which is to provide additional training for DiSC facilitators who have previously presented DiSC workshops. The Everything DiSC Facilitation System is power packed and flexible enough to meet that challenge for both new and repeat attendees.

What we’re really doing with the Everything DiSC Facilitation System is taking DiSC technology and using it to dig deeper.  It makes it easier to build on a person’s skills set, and we can optimize what they do and how they do it.  For such reasons, the company will keep working with the Everything DiSC Facilitation System to create additional courses as their needs grow.

The Everything DiSC Facilitation System can create solid DiSC solutions that are customized to your specific DiSC training needs.  With the Everything DiSC Facilitation System you can design on the run if you have to; there is very little inputting, so you can design something quickly.


Everything DiSC Facilitation System Case Study from Inscape Publishing