The Everything DiSC assessment is the newest product family.

Everything DiSC assessments are the most cutting edge DiSC personality instruments developed by Wiley Publishing. This product suite includes five different DiSC assessments, with new ones constantly under development.

First and most obviously, Everything DiSC has adopted a "circumplex" map of DiSC behaviors. This apparently small change is actually a vast improvement to participant understanding and retention, because the new model is significantly more intuitive and visual.

Second, and less obviously to the casual observer, the Everything DiSC assessment has unveiled "adaptive testing." This is an advanced system by which the assessment software actually recognizes answers and learns from them, adaptive its questions to match what it is learning. Many standardized tests, like the SAT, GRE, and LSAT, have started using this approach, which gives much better, more accurate results.

Finally, the new products allow for group reporting features. For example, one might create a report for the entire accounting department to facilitate a group dialogue about workplace relationships. Moreover, such  a program might also incorporate paired reports, giving specific feedback to pairs of people (e.g., telling Rachel how to better engage with Natasha, and ditto for Natasha on improving her relationship with Rachel). The Everything DiSC assessment offers all of these features, which are unavailable in older assessments

The five Everything DiSC assessments are: