Establishing Effective Communication Channels

There was a communication breakdown of a multi-billion dollar metal manufacturing firm’s senior staff. 

The firm wanted to uncover the sources of the client’s ineffective communication processes. They used the DiSC model with the senior management team to help establish a common language.

Using the DiSC Classic Online Profile as a diagnostic tool began the process of uncovering the reasons for communication and process issues from ownership and senior management on down.

They discovered that all but one of 30 people in the first training session were either primarily D, primarily C, or the Creative Pattern (DC combination).  That helped explain why there was so little collaboration and cross-communication, and why vice presidents were involved in the minutest aspects of the business.

During the senior staff’s DiSC training they were broken into smaller teams, based on their jobs, roles, and interactions with each other, to practice problem-solving with real-life examples. They were essentially allowed to “fight nice” until they came up with an implemental solution and their own protocol.

With all the primary communication issues addressed, the firm was pleased and interested in exploring other challenges.

The Vice President of Human Resources said, “We are still referring to our meeting and using the protocol problems.  Everyone still believes DiSC was the best thing we have ever done for the senior team.”

DiSC Case Study from Inscape Publishing