Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

Everything DiSC Workplace is the most popular DiSC assessment. The Workplace profile helps you to better understand your own personality style, and it teaches you to recognize your colleagues' styles, as well.

Once you understand these different personality styles, you can learn to adapt (or "flex") your own behavior to achieve more harmony with others. For example, a high-C person is naturally inclined towards privacy, logic, and analysis, whereas a high-i person tends to be highly social, make decisions based on feelings, and prone to displays of emotion.This is a recipe for conflict - unless they learn to modify their natural behavioral styles to make each other more comfortable. When they interact, the high-C person might try to be more affable and outgoing, and the high-i person might in turn try to focus on numbers and data.

1. Everything DiSC Workplace® Introduction

Everything DiSC Workplace leads to better interaction, reduced conflict, increased productivity, higher employee morale and engagement, and reduced staff turnover. This online DiSC profile takes 15-20 minutes to complete and generates a personalized, highly detailed, 20-page report.