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DiSC Certification Objectives

  • Discover why understanding self and others is the key to performance improvement
  • Learn proven models to enhance personal and organizational results
  • Simplify complex issues of human behavior
  • Learn and Experience the DiSC Model of Behavior, including the latest DiSC research findings
  • Identify specific communication strategies to use with each of the different DiSC behavioral approaches
  • Experience, Learn and Integrate the DiSC tools and workshops into training and coaching applications
  • Develop implementation plans for a variety of learning outcomes, including coaching, conflict resolution, leadership, management, sales, service, and teambuilding applications
  • Learn how to design and deliver your own DiSC workshops using the Everything DiSC Facilitation System, the newest and most comprehensive DiSC Facilitation tool available
  • Learn about all of the new DiSC training assessments and DiSC facilitator materials that were released over the last 2 years, including the Online DiSC Classic 2.0DiSC Group Culture ReportDiSC Facilitator's Report, Everything DiSC WorkplaceEverything DiSC ManagementEverything DiSC Sales, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, and more.

DiSC Certification Outline

DiSC Certification Pre-Work
You will receive an Everything DiSC Workplace Access Code via email 7-10 days prior to the DISC Certification. You will respond online, print out your personalized report, and bring it with you to the certification.

Day 1: Learn to Speak DiSC
The purpose of Day 1 is to gain a thorough understanding of the DiSC model of human behavior.  You will also observe and participate in a DiSC workshop that you will be able to deliver yourself.

  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Interpreting DiSC Style and Dot
  • Understanding your priorities
  • In-depth understanding of D, i, S, and C
  • Adaptability - effective communication strategies using DiSC
  • Marston’s Model
  • Homework Assignment

Day 2: Learn to Teach DiSC to Others
The purpose of Day 2 is to gain a deeper understanding and build confidence in your ability to deliver DiSC workshops. You will also broaden your knowledge of various DiSC tools and their applications.

  • Practicum – Demonstrate your understanding of DiSC and Marston’s Model
  • Demonstrate your understanding of DiSC and explain the DiSC Style and Priorities
  • Present Marston's Model
  • Recognize behaviors of others: effective communication strategies
  • Adapt your communication style to meet the needs of others
  • Selecting appropriate DiSC tools for your learning application
  • What's new with DiSC?
    • DiSC Classic
    • Everything DiSC Workplace
    • Evertyhing DiSC Management
    • Everything DiSC Sales
    • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
    • EPIC – Electronic Profile Information Center
  • Design your implementation plan
  • Receive your DISC Certificate

Materials Included in the DISC Certification

DiSC Reports:

DiSC Trainer Materials:

  • Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit of your choice!
    (Everything DiSC Kits are also sold separately)
  • EPIC Account to Administer Your Online DiSC Profiles - A $204.75 value!
    (EPIC is also sold separately)
  • Customized DISC Certification 3-Ring Notebook
  • Plus...FREE Participation in our DiSConference Calls for Trainers
Earlier Event: December 9
December DiSC Certification in Minneapolis
Later Event: February 14