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  • Denver, CO United States (map)


DiSC Certification Objectives

  • Discover why understanding self and others is the key to performance improvement
  • Learn proven models to enhance personal and organizational results
  • Simplify complex issues of human behavior
  • Learn and Experience the DiSC Model of Behavior, including the latest DiSC research findings
  • Identify specific communication strategies to use with each of the different DiSC behavioral approaches
  • Experience, Learn and Integrate the DiSC tools and workshops into training and coaching applications
  • Develop implementation plans for a variety of learning outcomes, including coaching, conflict resolution, leadership, management, sales, service, and teambuilding applications
  • Learn how to design and deliver your own DiSC workshops using the Everything DiSC Facilitation System, the newest and most comprehensive DiSC Facilitation tool available
  • Learn about all of the new DiSC training assessments and DiSC facilitator materials that were released over the last 2 years, including the Online DiSC Classic 2.0DiSC Group Culture ReportDiSC Facilitator's ReportEverything DiSC WorkplaceEverything DiSC ManagementEverything DiSC SalesEverything DiSC Work of Leaders, and more.

DiSC Certification Outline

DiSC Certification Pre-Work
You will receive an Everything DiSC Workplace Access Code via email 7-10 days prior to the DISC Certification. You will respond online, print out your personalized report, and bring it with you to the certification.

Day 1: Learn to Speak DiSC
The purpose of Day 1 is to gain a thorough understanding of the DiSC model of human behavior.  You will also observe and participate in a DiSC workshop that you will be able to deliver yourself.

  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Interpreting DiSC Style and Dot
  • Understanding your priorities
  • In-depth understanding of D, i, S, and C
  • Adaptability - effective communication strategies using DiSC
  • Marston’s Model
  • Homework Assignment

Day 2: Learn to Teach DiSC to Others
The purpose of Day 2 is to gain a deeper understanding and build confidence in your ability to deliver DiSC workshops. You will also broaden your knowledge of various DiSC tools and their applications.

  • Practicum – Demonstrate your understanding of DiSC and Marston’s Model
  • Demonstrate your understanding of DiSC and explain the DiSC Style and Priorities
  • Present Marston's Model
  • Recognize behaviors of others: effective communication strategies
  • Adapt your communication style to meet the needs of others
  • Selecting appropriate DiSC tools for your learning application
  • What's new with DiSC?
    • DiSC Classic
    • Everything DiSC Workplace
    • Evertyhing DiSC Management
    • Everything DiSC Sales
    • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
    • EPIC – Electronic Profile Information Center
  • Design your implementation plan
  • Receive your DISC Certificate

Materials Included in the DISC Certification

DiSC Reports:

DiSC Trainer Materials:

  • Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit of your choice!
    (Everything DiSC Kits are also sold separately)
  • EPIC Account to Administer Your Online DiSC Profiles - A $204.75 value!
    (EPIC is also sold separately)
  • Customized DISC Certification 3-Ring Notebook
  • Plus...FREE Participation in our DiSConference Calls for Trainers
Earlier Event: October 17
Later Event: November 14