Everything DiSC Sales Profile

The Everything DiSC Sales profile drives performance by teaching sales reps to recognize customers' DiSC styles and tailor their approach accordingly.

Effective salespeople are skilled at reading customers and adapting their sales approach accordingly. A high-C customer is logical and analytical, so the salesperson should focus on the product's features, specifications, benefits, and other objective criteria. A high-i customer is outgoing and makes decisions based on instinct and emotional response; a skilled sales rep should build a personal connection with the customer and emphasize the emotional response to the product.

1. Everything DiSC® Sales: Introduction

Everything DiSC Sales teaches these key sales skills. The DiSC profile is an online assessment that takes 15-20 minutes to complete. The customized, 26-page personal profile that describes the salesperson's own DiSC style, and trains him or her to recognize and effectively align with customers' DiSC styles.