There are four DiSC personality types:

  1. Dominance
  2. influencing
  3. Steadiness
  4. Conscientiousness

Dominance: The D-type focuses on action and results. High Ds are ambitious, goal-oriented, and get things done. Other people may find their style too direct, even blunt, so High Ds must learn that not everyone is comfortable moving at such a fast pace.

Influencing: The I-type values personal connections. High Is are cheerful, friendly, outgoing individuals, and the enjoy teamwork and group projects. They make decisions based on gut instinct, and they have little patience for detailed facts and figures. Less outgoing personality types might see the high I as unfocused and chit-chatty.



Steadiness: The High S emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and camaraderie. They like everyone to feel on a team to feel included, and are highly conflict-averse. The S type is laid-back and easygoing, and they don't feel comfortable with fast decisions or rapid change.

Conscientiousness: The C-type is organized, analytical, and detail-oriented. They place great value on accuracy and dislike committing mistakes, frequently checking and re-checking their work. The High C approaches problems and decisions with logic and data, and may struggle in ambiguous situations.

Many people are a blend of two different DiSC personality types, with one primary and one secondary style. Common combinations are Di/iD, CD/DC, SC/CS, and Si/iS. People with blended personality types often revert to one or the other DiSC type in different situations, such as when relaxed vs. stressed.