DiSC Classic Paper Profile

The DiSC Classic profile is a self-assessment designed to help people better understand themselves and others. It's a very useful model of individual behavior, and helps them to discover their own strengths and weaknesses. There are many different personality tests on the market, but the DiSC model is one of the oldest, best known, and most popular.

Over the past 40+ years, DiSC has enabled millions of people to better understand themselves and others. It is useful tool for professional development, leadership development, recruitment and hiring, job benchmarking, career guidance, conflict management, teambuilding, sales, customer service, increasing team performance, and more.

DiSC Classic evaluates respondents behavior across four different dimensions:

  • Dominance: How forceful and assertive is the person? To what extent do they have a penchant for fast decisions and quick action?
  • influencing: How social and outgoing is the person? To what extent do they value personal relationships and connections?
  • Steadiness: How balanced and even-keeled is the person? To what extent do they value team camaraderie and an environment in which everybody gets along?
  • Conscientiousness: How attentive to detail is the person? To what extent do they value structure, logical analysis, accuracy, and precision?

The central premise is that once a person understands his/her own behavioral styles and learns to recognize other people's styles, s/he can adapt to more closely emulate the other person's style. Naturally, some people are better at "flexing" their own style than others, but this is nonetheless a skill that everybody can learn and develop. For instance, a salesperson who learns to recognize customers DiSC styles - and who can adapt his own style accordingly - will be far more effective at winning business. Regardless of the sales reps personal behavioral style, DiSC awareness will teach him to be more friendly and outgoing with high-I customers and not dive into facts, figures, and logic. With a high-C customer, however, the salesperson would want to skip friendly banter and chit-chat, not pry into the customers personal life, and instead make a logical, fact-driven case for his product.



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