DiSC & Discovering Diversity Profiles Help Dog People Learn to Appreciate Cat People

The owner of an animal clinic wanted help addressing the areas of conflict and division among her 20 employees.

The workforce consisted of white females between 25 and 40 years of age.  The main area of conflict existed between dog providers and cat providers.  The cat providers felt that the dog providers received preferential treatment because the canine business brought in significantly greater revenue than the feline side of the business.  As a result, the cat providers believed that the canine providers received nicer offices, more flex time, etc. 

The owner wanted help getting the team to understand why they had conflict issues and communication breakdowns, and the owner wanted her staff to feel comfortable discussing individual style differences. 

The group took the DiSC Classic Profile and an adapted Reducing Conflict module from the Everything DiSC Facilitation System. The team also took the Discovering Diversity Profile and went through the Building Bridges to Understanding curriculum from the Discovering Diversity Facilitator Kit.

The programs helped the team understand preferences, identify barriers to effective communication, and learn to value one another more fully.

The trainer used the QuikDiSC Card Game as a warm-up, and facilitated a discussion of the DiSC Classic Profile conflict model. The team enjoyed the DiSC activities and found that it helped them talk openly about their style differences.  Once the team became comfortable sharing style differences, they were more open to discussing other kinds of differences, such as values and cultures.  Later in the session, the discussion moved on to specific organizational issues, and focused on the clinic’s customers and their differences. 

In Module 2, the Discovering Diversity Profile was administered and the team worked through the perceptual bias process. 

In Module 3, the team did a series of role-plays and continued their discussion before developing an action plan for dealing with organizational issues.

The training turned out well and the clinic owner was very satisfied with the results.

Inscape Publishing Case Study