DiSC®: DiSC General Characteristics Application Grid

The DiSC® General Characteristics (PPSS) Application Grid, below, describes each section of the DiSC General Characteristics Report and how to apply the information in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Supervisory Development, Team Development, and Coaching.

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GC: DiSC General Characteristics Report
SR1: Supplemental Report “Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship with This Person"
SR2: Supplemental Report “How This Person Relates to People and the Environment"
SR3: Supplemental Report “Strategies for Managing This Person”
SR4: Supplemental Report “How This Person Tends to Manage”
SR5: Supplemental Report “This Person’s Natural Approach to the Selling Process”
SR6: Supplemental Report “How to Manage this Person in a Sales Environment”

Emotional Intelligence: Behaviors related to self-awareness and self-management
Social Intelligence: Behaviors related to dealing with other people
Leadership Skills: Behaviors related to dealing with followers in either formal or informal role.
Management Skills: Behaviors related to managing and directing others
Persuading and Influencing Behaviors: Behaviors related to persuading and influencing other people
Coaching Opportunity: Behaviors that have the possibility of becoming more effective with coaching

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