DiSC Certification

DISC certification by Resources Unlimited is an optional program for trainers and individuals who would like to become DISC experts. DISC trainer certification is by no means mandatory, but many trainers find that certification increases their familiarity and comfort with the various DiSC profiles, methods and theory, which only makes their DiSC training programs more effective and valuable.

There are 3 options for DISC certification training: 

  1. DISC Classroom training. We offer this two-day DISC certification program every 1-2 months in major cities around the country. To see the list of upcoming dates and locations below.
  2. In-house DISC certification at your workplace. We will send a DiSC master trainer to deliver a customized training program for you and your colleagues. Call us at +1.800.278.1292 to discuss your specific requirements.
  3. A virtual DISC train-the-trainer program, entailing five 60-minute phone calls with our master trainer, plus 15 hours of self-study, usually over the course of 4-6 weeks. We will customize this program to suit your specific organizational goals and DiSC needs.

Your DISC certification includes a DiSC facilitation kit, a free EPIC account, and a free assessment (a $1400 value). 

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