Proper Use of Workplace Personality Assessments!

According to an article by Wall Street journalist Lauren Weber and Elizabeth Dwoskin entitled, "Are Workplace Personality Tests Fair," the question is raised whether or not workplace personality assessments are effective and discriminatory. At Resources Unlimited, we believe that DISC assessments are effective in the workplace at helping everyone within the organization to understand themselves and other better. The DISC assessments give an organization a common language on how to speak and approach one another in order to prevent people conflicts.

Since the DISC model is in the public domain, any person can build a DISC assessment with little or lots of research. For this reason, Resources Unlimited has partnered with publisher that have done lots of research around the DISC model to eliminate the discrimination within the assessments.

How to use the Workplace Personality Assessment?

1. DiSC assessments should not be used for hiring because these DiSC assessments were not made for the hiring process. Instead, they were designed to help train your current, already hired, staff on how to work better together. The DiSC assessment only tells you how much you will have to adapt from your core DISC style to other peoples DISC style. This is the proper use of the DiSC assessment.