When Personality Tests Go Social

TechCrunch reports on a new startup that combines personality testing with social. Thus far, 1Mind's claim to fame is landing MC Hammer (!) as quasi-spokesman, which I confess is a brilliant bit of marketing. 

Anyway, 1Mind offers a contemporary twist on an old concept. First, a user takes a personality test. Then, 1Mind searches social media networks and introduces the user to new people whom s/he is likely to befriend (or, more likely, be interested in; 1Mind is not explictly a dating website, but many users presumably have romance in mind).  

(The "old concept," you ask? Computer dating, of course, which was developed in the 1960s. Funny how whenever a new technology comes along, the reaction is always, "Cool! Now how do I use this to find a mate?")

No explicit connection to the DiSC personality test - just a bit of industry news.