Personality Tests and College Admissions

Psych Central has an article about new research on personality testing and academic success.  

It's worth a read, I guess, but the article actually leaves me with more questions than answers. Specifically, the headline ("Should College Admissions Include Personality Testing Too?") doesn't really seem to have anything to do with the article. The bulk of the article focuses on AP exams. Specifically, it posits that AP test results are a more effective predictor of academic success than the SAT or ACT.  

Fine, but that's just swapping one subject-matter test for another. How does a personality test fit in? The article doesn't get into this at all, except to say that women have lower "'self-concepts' in math and science," and men are less oriented towards "mastery and organization" (whatever those terms mean). But what are the implications for academic achievement and/or university admissions?