How to handle a boss that believes ‘my way or the high way?’

Everyone has had a boss that practices the old saying ‘my way or the high way.’ As employees, we need to use DISC to better understand our boss’ behaviors and motivators so that we can better communicate with him or her. The article How To 'Handle' Your Bossy Boss by Bernadette Farrell outlines this bossy boss scenario perfectly. In the article, the boss has a dominant personality which comes off as demanding, forceful, strong willed, impatient and openly skeptical of people. Does this sound like your bossy boss?

The article gives great clarity on why we view our bossy boss so poorly. The reason for our poor view is because we distort our own reality and, then personalizes the bossy boss’s behaviors as a reaction to our self-worth. This distorted reality puts all of our personal views into question rather than understanding our boss’s behavior. Once we remove our distorted reality and understand our boss’s behaviors and motivators, we begin to see the value of both behavior styles. This is the power of using DISC to communicate with one another. The better we understand ourselves and other people’s behaviors and motivators, the more successful we will be in working together.

By Resources Unlimited