Does your personality dictate your travel plans?

Someone with a sense of humor thinks so. A group called DELI Amsterdam has created a personality test that maps against Amsterdam's tourist sites. Prefer sneakers or dress shoes? Like beer or wine? Are you a tourist or a local? After a fast, six-question "personality" survey, DELI Amsterdam recommends a list of hotspots tailored to your preferences.

This obviously isn't a real personality test based on sound psychological research. And annoyingly (but unsurprisingly), they won't share your results unless you create a DELI Amsterdam account, so I'm largely speculating here. But as these things go, it's actually seems halfway clever. It's basically a recommendations engine with a fun interface. With their customer preference data, they can sell targeting advertising to marketers. They'll presumably also incorporate geolocation targeting, directing locals and tourists alike to that perfect little coffee shop, wine bar, or art gallery that they never would have discovered on their own. 

Anyway, it's lighthearted and fun, and worth two minutes of your time. One presumes that they'll expand to cities beyond Amsterdam eventually. Check it out