DiSC Innovation Beta Test

We're beta testing a new DiSC innovation assessment, and we're looking for volunteers. Want to try a pre-release version of an exciting new DiSC profile? If so, let us know at info@disctests.com.

Everything DiSC Team Innovation examines organizational innovation through a DiSC framework. How do organizations create and sustain a culture of innovation? The new assessment posits that organizational innovation is a function of two things: individual team members and group dynamics. It explores these issues and provides the team with insight and feedback on how to become more effective innovators, both individually and at the group level.

A few caveats:

  • The assessment is designed for existing, intact teams.  
  • There's no cost to participate in the beta test - we're simply looking for feedback on the profile.  
  • We have a limited number of beta test slots.
  • We expect the beta test to launch sometime this summer, but we don't know any more information about timing.
  • There is no guarantee that a DiSC innovation profile will ever be released to the market. The lab cooks up many DiSC profiles for us to test; they can't all see the light of day.

Interested? Contact info@disctests.com to try our DiSC innovation profile.