Is introversion vs. extroversion enough?

Fast Company has a nice piece on introversion vs. extroversion. The article traces the history of neuroscience, starting with Carl Jung's original definitions of introvert and extrovert, and succinctly summarizing contemporary psychology research. The article goes on to offer tips for dealing with both personality types of people.

No explicit DiSC connection, though DiSC-literate trainers will recognize some commonalities with the DiSC methodology. I'd argue that the introvert-extrovert linear scale is overly simplistic and collapses important distinctions between personality types. A four-factor behavioral model like DiSC (e.g., based on two dimensions of behavior instead of just one) is far more robust, yet also parsimonious enough to be easily applicable in the real world.

Finally, a quibble. Belying the title, this article does not in fact discuss what your personality type means for your career. Sure, there's some useful discussion of how to better engage with introverts vs. extroverts, and the reader can reasonably infer that getting better results from one's team will enhance one's career prospects. But "What your personality type means for your career!" is unnecessarily hyperbolic. The article is strong enough on its own that it doesn't deserve to be treated as clickbait. Ah, well.