Another local government introduces personality test

Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK, is offering personality tests and coaching to city council members. The goal, reasonably enough, is to minimize (or should I say minimise) conflict.

The city council has opted for the Myers-Briggs test, which is a perfectly fine decision. We would of course have recommended - with utmost objectivity and lack of bias - the DiSC test

Be sure to read through the article for a few hilarious zingers by "sceptical backbenchers," such as “Psychometric testing will initially be on a voluntary basis. You can certainly count me out," and “I’ve also a feeling that subjecting me to psychometric training might come up with some disturbing results.”

These objections aren't unique, of course - every DiSC trainer has heard them a thousand times. But in the interest of fostering a more collaborative, productive workplace environment at the council, and thereby making better decisions on important issues facing the Birmingham community, I do hope that the skeptics come around to the notion of personality-based training and coaching.