DiSC assessments are a popular workplace learning program.

The DiSC assessment, a workplace learning program, combines the DiSC personality model with practical, real-world application. The assessment offers a sophisticated, detailed analysis of your own behaviors, and offers keen insights into why you behave in certain ways. 

Furthermore, the DiSC assessment teaches you to recognize and adapt to other personality types. This is a very useful technique for building harmony with others, and engaging in richer, more productive workplace relationships.

Many organizations use DiSC as an important aspect of formal training and development programs. It also has broad applications for talent selection, team-building, staff retention, performance reviews, and much more.

There are several DiSC assessments available. We especially like DiSC Workplace, which is the "starter" assessment in the Everything DiSC family of products. Workplace includes the most powerful features: highly precise and sophisticated testing, an intuitive circular model to present the results, and free, unlimited comparison reports between any two people. 

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