DiSC is a popular personality test with many workplace learning applications. HR managers and learning/development professionals frequently apply DiSC to topics such as conflict resolution, leadership development, talent management, team-building, etc. 

DiSC helps people to understand their own behavioral styles, and it teaches them to recognize other styles and tailor their behavior accordingly. In short, DiSC lays the foundation for better engagement and a more constructive workplace relationships.

For most people, DiSC Workplace is the natural profile to start with. It's part of the newest, most powerful generation of DiSC profiles. The Workplace report uses an intuitive, circular DiSC model, and it includes free Comparison Reports. These supplementary reports offer personalized, highly specific advice for how you can better engage with a specific colleague, manager, or direct-report.

Looking for a different version of DiSC? We also have DiSC for salespeople, DiSC for managers, and DiSC for leadership development. We also carry the previous generation of DiSC in both online format (the DiSC Classic 2.0) and the original DiSC Classic paper.

Not sure which DiSC is right for you? Give us a call at 515.278.1292, and we'll help you figure out which DiSC best matches your situation and requirements.