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Lowering Employee Turnover Using DiSC Behavioral Profiling
Jonathan Slain uses Everything DiSC at Fitness Together

Which DiSC Profile to Use
Many DiSC Profiles are available to help corporations, government organizations, colleges and universities, and individuals to better understand themselves and others. Learn the history of DiSC, scoring methods, reporting, and the different profiles and facilitation tools available.

DiSC Profiles and Various Characteristics of Personality
DiSC Profiles help people identify how much of each of the four dimensions of behavior (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness) they tend to exhibit in a particular situation.

DiSC an Effective People Management Tool
DiSC helps managers discover how their behavioral style may be interpreted by their colleagues. Managers can then learn to maximize their strengths and help the people they manage become more effective.

A Brief History of DiSC
In the 1980's Gary Little and Pamela cole had envisioned that one day the information collected in the DiSC archives could be delivered in an easy-to-use format.  Read how DiSC has transformed into what it is today.

A Real Commitment to Authentic Improvement
Insights from the DiSC Classic Profile and a variety of other Inscape Publishing Assessments help managers become better leaders, and give employees a greater sense of engagement, commitment, and purpose.

Building a Spirit of Community
The DiSC Classic Profile helps create an environment that fosters teamwork.

Coaching Good People to Excellence
With the help of DiSC and other Inscape Publishing Assessments, an executive was transformed into an effective leader.

DiSC General Characteristics Application Grid
The DiSC General Characteristics Application Grid describes each section of the DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS) and how to apply the information in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Supervisory Development, Team Development, and Coaching.

DiSC General Characteristics & DiSC Role Behavior Analysis for Performance Coaching
Find out how to use the DiSC General Characteristics Report and the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis for Performance Coaching.

DiSC General Characteristics Training Modules
The DiSC General Characteristics training modules outline possible training formats for various topics using the DiSC General Characteristics Report (PPSS). 

DiSC Helps and Other Inscape Publishing Profiles Boost Employee Morale
A Call Center sees immediate results after training with DiSC and other Inscape Publishing profiles.

DiSC Helps Build Better Working Relationships & Improves Job Satisfaction
The DiSC Relationship Profile helps a jeweler build effective relationships between his three stores.

DiSC and Discovering Diversity Profiles Help Dog People Learn to Appreciate Cat People
DiSC and other Inscape Publishing Products help an owner of an animal clinic address conflict and division among her 20 employees.

Establishing Effective Communication Channels
DiSC Training and the Online DiSC Classic Profile help improve communication.

Good Planning and Quick Thinking
The DiSC Profile, Time Mastery Profile and Team Dimensions Profile help an Insurance company undergoing major restructuring improve communication, enhance teamwork, and decrease conflict and stress.

Harnessing the Drive to Succeed
The DiSC Classic Profile and the Team Dimensions Profile help an executive learn about his behavioral style and regain his motivation to excel.

Introducing the Basics of Teamwork and Communication
DiSC, the Team Dimensions Profile and other products from Inscape Publishing help a community action agency solve its internal problems and become productive.

Moving from the Professional to the Personal
Even though DiSC Indra is traditionally applied to the corporate world, this instrument helped a couple learn more about themselves and saved their relationship.

New Ideas for Longtime Leaders
A training program was developed to help an Insurance company's managers improve their communication skills using the DiSC General Characteristics Report, Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile, and the Team Dimensions Profile.

Today's Managers, Tomorrow's Leaders
A global transportation company increases productivity, lowers turnover rates, and improves employee morale after utilizing DiSC and other Inscape Publishing learning assessments.

Training Dramatically Improves Communication
A non-profit organization’s workers achieve a breakthrough in communication as a result of the training using the Discovering Diversity Profile, the Team Dimensions Profile, and DiSC Indra.

Turning Complicated Programs into Simple Truths
A call center utilizes a variety of Inscape Publishing profiles and DiSC Action Planners to reach their customer service benchmarking goals.

Twin Challenges of Performance Management
A successful program of performance management at uses the best practices and the most current technology.

DiSC Classical Patterns and the Indra Styles Possible Correspondence
This chart shows the descriptions of potential similarities between the Gallup StrengthsFinders 34 Themes, the DiSC Classical Patterns found in the DiSC Classic Profile, and the DiSC Indra Styles.

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