EPIC Credits

What is an EPIC credit?

EPIC credits are the digital currency behind your EPIC account. When you open an EPIC account, you'll buy EPIC credits to go with it. Every time you assign a DiSC profile, you'll spend a few credits. Periodically, when your account balance starts running low, you'll need to buy more EPIC credits. Just select the number you need, then click "Add to Cart." We'll add them to your EPIC account in a couple of minutes.

Prefer to order by phone? No problem! Call us at +1.800.278.1292 and let us know how many EPIC credits you need.

When do my EPIC credits expire? 


How many EPIC credits do I need? 

It depends which DiSC assessment you want to use, and how many participants you have in the training. Please see full list of DiSC assessments below for EPIC Credit quantities.

EPIC Credits EPIC Credit Prices
1-49 $4.55
50-99 $4.30
100-249 $3.95
250-499 $3.80
500-749 $3.60
750-999 $3.45
1,000-1,499 $3.35
1,500-1,999 $3.25
2,000+ $3.15
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Everything DiSC Profiles EPIC Credit
Workplace Profile 15
Management Profile 25
Sales Profile 25
Work of Leaders 25
WOL Group Report 25
363 for Leaders 50
Group Report 25
Facilitator Report 25
Comparison Report FREE
Supplemental Report FREE
Sales Interaction Map FREE
Group Poster 24"x36" FREE
Team View FREE
DiSC Classic Profiles EPIC Credit
Classic 2.0 15
Group Report 25
Facilitator Report 25
Team View FREE
General Characteristics 20
Classic 2.0 Translations Varies
Wiley Profiles EPIC Credit
Personal Listening 10
Team Dimensions 10
Time Mastery 10
Group Report 15
Facilitator Report 15