Bringing Leadership Development Into a Large Organization With The Everything DiSC Facilitation System

People who have been introduced to DiSC often come away from the experience with fresh insights and a renewed commitment to establishing effective communication.  Other times, however, participants simply want more, as if the basics are such a hit that stopping at that point is a letdown.  The Everything DiSC Facilitation System is the key to a company moving forward with its DiSC training programs.

A large organization was already using DiSC and was looking to take DiSC to the next level.  Indeed, the organization had specific guidelines.  The company’s lenders wanted management training to be the focus of their new DiSC program.

Their vision was that the DiSC program would serve as a mentoring or developing tool for promising workers.  In addition, they wanted any new program to be flexible enough so that it could serve as the basis for future courses in sales or other DiSC applications.  The Everything DiSC Facilitation System can integrate all these ideas and more. 

The organization’s leaders were so impressed with the Everything DiSC Facilitation System, in fact, that they moved past their original goals and delved into questions of customization.  The Everything DiSC Facilitation System supports innovative applications, and can easily create new versions of DiSC training courses to suit different needs.  Everything DiSC allows you to use as much or as little of the system’s content as you like and regardless of which pieces are used, the rest of the system will not collapse.

Among the additions that the organization’s leaders planned was the insertion of their own case studies into each session. The idea was to show participants how to improve their managerial skills using DiSC, and the use of company-specific details and histories would help cement the course’s insights.

With their major requirements fulfilled, the organization’s leaders bought the Everything DiSC Facilitation System.

Everything DiSC Facilitation System Case Study from Inscape Publishing